Dr. Hossen Asiful Mustafa

PhD, University of South Carolina, USA

Professor& Director, Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT)
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Research Interest: Wireless Networks, Network Security, Cyber Security, Data Science, Distributed Systems

Thesis and Projects

Supervised Students

  1. Mehadi Hossain, Automated Writing Evaluation Using Sentence-Level Scoring Mode, M.Engg. in ICT, Nov, 2023.

  2. Sumya Akter, Analysis and Interpretability of Machine Learning Models to Classify Thyroid Disease , M.Sc. in ICT, Oct, 2023.

  3. Mohammed Mustafizur Rahman, Development of a Web-Based MCQ System Higher Secondary Level: A Case Study For ICT Subject , PG Dip. in ICT, Sep, 2023.

  4. Md. Bayazid Rahman, Analysis Of Violence Detection Algorithms Using Video Adversarial Attacks, M.Sc. in ICT, Jan, 2023.

  5. Md. Arman Hussain, Analysis of Supervized Machine Learning Models For Breast Cancer Predictions, M.Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2022.

  6. Muhammad Imran Khan, A Pricing Recommender System For E-Commerce Platforms , M.Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2022.

  7. Shimul Bhowmick, Development of a Framework For Eye-based Human Machine Interface, M.Engg. in ICT, Feb, 2022.

  8. Muhammad Tanveer Islam, A Multi-Layer Hybrid Balancing Technique To Remove Data Imbalance, M.Sc. in ICT, Jun, 2021.

  9. Rezaur Rahman, Securing IPv6 Neighbour Discovery Using Pre-Shared Key, M.Sc. in ICT, Feb, 2021.

  10. Md. Mahedi Hasan, View Invariant GAIT Recognition for Person Re-Identification in a Multi Surveillance Camera Environment, M.Sc. in ICT, Sep, 2020.

  11. Md. Raihan-e-Masud, Ensemble Machine Learning for Network-based Intrusion Detection, M.Sc. in ICT, Dec, 2019.

  12. Chowdhury Ashraful Karim, Development of a Professional Collaboration Platform, PG Dip. in ICT, Sep, 2019.

  13. Maoyejatun Hasana, A Multi-Channel Clustering Based Anti-Jamming Technique For Wireless Sensor Networks by Localizing Jammer, M.Sc. in ICT, Mar, 2019.

  14. Md. Amirul Islam, A Dynamic Reallocation Based Window Access Scheme For Enhancing QoS of Vehicular Adhoc Networks, M.Sc. in ICT, Mar, 2019.

  15. Profulla Kumar Saha, Performance Analysis of Handover in Cellular Network with Small Scale Radio Network, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  16. Yusuf Khalil, Development of a Web-based System for Thesis and Project Proposal Management, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  17. Md. Salahuddin Ahamed, Development of a Secure QR Code System For Hiding Personal Confidential Information, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  18. Samia Alam Mishu, Development of an Android App for Wi-Fi Signal Strength Mapping, PG Dip. in ICT, Dec, 2017.

  19. Alin Boby, Tracing Intruders using Web Application Honeypot with Metasploit Contents, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2017.

  20. Hasan Muhammad Kafi, Design and Analysis of a Secure Three Factor User Authentication Scheme Using Biometric and Smart Card, M.Sc. in ICT, Jun, 2017.

  21. Labony Sarkar, Secure Communication through Untrusted Server, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2017.

Students (Served as Member, Board of Examiner)

  1. Md. Rafiul Huda, Real-Time Hand-Gesture Recognition for the Control of a Wheelchair, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Nov, 2023.

  2. Fatema Binte Alam, A Hybrid Deep Learning Framework For Lung Disease Diagnosis Based On Chest Radiography Images, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Oct, 2023.

  3. Sadia Afrin Shampa, Ensembled Machine Learning Based Diabetes Prediction: A Cross-Country Perspective, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Oct, 2023.

  4. Sanchita Rani Das, Development of a Deep Learning Framework for the Diagnosis of Lung Infectious Diseases, M. Engg. in ICT, May, 2023.

  5. Md. Ibrahim Khalil, Optical Properties Prediction of Negative Dispersion-Compensating Photonic Crystal Fiber Using Machine Learning, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, May, 2023.

  6. Rinath Ruhana Ferdausi, Design and Implementation of Double AES Processor for Next Generation IT Security, M. Engg. in ICT, April, 2023.

  7. Arju Manara Begum , Development of an Enemble Feature Selection Method for Classification of Medical Data , M. Engg. in ICT, Jan, 2023.

  8. Rezaul Islam, FPGA Based Automated Glaucoma Detection From Retinal Fundus Image , M. Engg. in ICT, Dec, 2022.

  9. Md. Mehedy Hasan Suman, An Efficient Error Correction Scheme for Memristor Based Memories , M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, October, 2022.

  10. Samiha Sara Prima, A Hybrid Learning Framework For Multiple Object Recognition For Low Computational Resources , M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jun, 2022.

  11. Md Shihabul Islam, Development Of An IoT Based Digital Notice Board , PGD in ICT, Jan, 2022.

  12. Krishna Saha Purnita , Optimum DC Bias For DC Biased Optical OFDM Based Optical Wireless Communication Using Machine Learning , M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Nov, 2021.

  13. Sohel Rana , Neural Network And Modified Butterfly Architecture Based Key Scheduling Approaches For Lightweight Block Ciphers , M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Nov, 2021.

  14. Fahima Khanam, Prediction of Cervical Cancer in Bangladesh Using Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Oct, 2021.

  15. Projoy Podder, IRIS Feature Vector Reduction Using HAAR Wevelet Transform And Local Binary Pattern, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jul, 2021.

  16. Md. Shirazus Salekin, Analysis of Carrier Interferometry OFDM Based Satellite Communication System, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2021.

  17. Abdullah Khan Galib, Design and Analysis of F-Shaped Multiband Millimeter Wave Antenna For High Speed Wireless Communications, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jul, 2021.

  18. Md. Abul Kalam Azad, A Smart Travel Time Prediction Model for Urban Traffic Using Short-Term Memory Network, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, May, 2021.

  19. Md. Mehedi Hasan, Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection in Cloud Computing Environment using Machine Learning, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2021.

  20. Hasnain Bari, Protecting an Enterprise Network Through the Deployment of Honeypot, PGD in ICT, Mar, 2021.

  21. Itisha Nowrin, Machine Learning based Dimming Control of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing based Light Fidelity, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2021.

  22. Md. Shazzatur Rahman, Design of a Build-In-Self-Test Implemented AES Crypto Processor ASIC, M.Engg. in ICT, Oct, 2020.

  23. Humayun Kabir Shaon, Development of a Cloud Based Interactive Query Reply System for an Enterprize: A Case Study, PGD in ICT, Oct, 2020.

  24. Md. Istiaq Habib Khan, Diagnosis of Heart Disease using Machine Learning, PGD in ICT, Oct, 2020.

  25. Md. Ismail Hossain, ASIC Designer's IC Library for IC Camouflaging, M.Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2020.

  26. Talemul Islam, Development of a Webbased Software Application For A Modern Dental Clinic, PGD in ICT, Sep, 2020.

  27. Md Arshad Ali, Development of Multiple Server Monitoring and Administration System, PGD in ICT, Dec, 2019.

  28. Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Development of a Social Media Bullying Detection System for Bangla Text, M.Engg. in ICT, Oct, 2019.

  29. Nazia Mehnaz,Analysis of a FSO Link for Different Modulation Scheme Under Various Turbulence Conditions, M.Sc. in ICT, Sep, 2019.

  30. Khan Mohammad Mehadi Alam, Development of Microcontroller Based Air Quality Monitoring System for Data Centre, PGD in ICT, Mar, 2019.

  31. Md. Nurul Islam Khan, A New Scheme to Prevent Node Replication Attacks for Wireless Sensor Networks, M.Sc. in ICT, Mar, 2019.

  32. Md. Monir Ahamed, Development of a Web-based Question Bank for Automated Question Paper Generation, PGD in ICT, Mar, 2019.

  33. Saiful Islam, A Balanced Clustering Approach to Enhance Lifetime and Throughput of Wireless Sensor Networks, M.Sc. in ICT, Feb, 2019.

  34. Md. Motahar Hossain, Suitablity of Filtering based OFDM for the Next Generation Wireless Communications, M.Sc. in ICT, Jan, 2019.

  35. Md. Afzalur Rahaman, E-Evaluation of C Programming Assignments Using Generalized Graph Isomorphism and Machine Learning Concepts, M.Sc. in ICT, Jan, 2019.

  36. Md. Shahid Ullah Bhuiyan, Development of a Computer Aided Learning Tool for Cryptography, M. Engg. in ICT, Dec, 2018.

  37. Faysal Hossain, Recognition of Objects in Real Time Videos using Machine Learning, PGD in ICT, Dec, 2018.

  38. Mohdammad Hanif Rahman, Determining the Contexual Polarity of Unsctructured Data using Hadoop Core Components in a Distributed Storage Cluster Environment, M. Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2018.

  39. Paramita Basak Upama, Prediction of Protein Subcellular Localization using Machine Learning, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Aug, 2018.

  40. Nilufar Yeasmin, Development of a Web Based Newspaper Advertisement Management System, PGD in ICT, Jul, 2018.

  41. Mohammad Mazharul Hoque, Development of a Cell Phone Based Embedded System for Electrical Device, PGD in ICT, Jun, 2018.

  42. Mohsin Uddin Anwar, Design and Design of an Enhanced Speech Authentication System over Mobile Devices, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Apr, 2018.

  43. Md. Moshiul Islam, Design and Implementation of Quadruple Decimal Logarithmic Converter, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  44. Shahfida Amjad Munni, Performance Analysis of Light Fidelity Systems Considering Reliable Communication and Room Illumination, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  45. Khondoker Abu Sayed, Survey and Measurement of Health Status of Heart for Hard Working Category People in Bangladesh, PGD in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  46. Md. Rafat Zakiullah, Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Storage Cluster for Analyzing Consumer Behavior using Web Log, M. Engg. in ICT, Mar, 2018.

  47. Mahmudul Hasan, FPGA Implementation of Fault Tolerent Reversible Contrast Mapping Technique, M. Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2017.

  48. Shahin Shah, Development of a Secure Voting System, M. Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2017.

  49. Sabuj Biswas, Development of an Android-based Mobile Application for Personal Safety, PG Dip. in ICT, Sep, 2017.

  50. Jenifar Rahman, A Bidirectional Multiflow MAC Protocol for Multi-hop Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Sep, 2017.

  51. Md. Hayder Ali, Design, Develop and Performance Analysis of a Gagabit Passive Optical Network for Quad Play Architecture, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Aug, 2017.

  52. Rumana Binte Faruque, Hybrid Diversity Combined OFDM for Optical Wireless Communication, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Aug, 2017.

  53. Md. Mahedee Hasan, A Cooperative Asynchronous MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network with Assymmetric Links, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jun, 2017.

  54. Amit Karmaker, An Energy Efficient and Balanced Clustering Approach for Improving Throughput of Wireless Sensor Networks, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jun, 2017.

  55. Jaya Roy, An Efficient Cooperative MAC Protocol for Enhancing QoS of IEEE 802.11e EDCA, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jun, 2017.

  56. Nusrat Tazin, Performance Evaluation of Spatial OFDM for Peak Power Limited Optical Wireless Channels, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Jun, 2017.

  57. Samiul Haque Suman, Development of a Thin Client Based Operating System with Arch Linux and Raspberry Pi for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution, PG. Dip. in ICT, Mar, 2017.

  58. Md Siddiq Bin Nur, Evaluating the Scalability of HADOOP in a Real and Virtual Environment on a Huge Volume of Unstructured Data, PG. Dip. in ICT, Mar, 2017.

  59. Kanis Fatima, Combined Effect of Chirping, Group Velocity Dispersion and Self Phase Modulation in a Optical Transmission System Using Different Types of Fiber, M.Sc. Engg. in ICT, Dec, 2016.

  60. Muhammad Hasibul Hossain, Simulation ofPulse Propagation Considering Linear and Nonlinear Effects in a Single Mode Optical Fiber, M. Engg. in ICT, Feb, 2016.

  61. Md. Shahjalal Rana, Development of a Micro-Controller Based Auto Scheduler for Air Conditioning System, PG. Dip. in ICT, Nov, 2015.

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